Learning How to Paddle in a Kayak

Learning how to paddle in a Kayak


Kayaking is easy – if you have practiced enough. It’s like riding a bike: once you can cycle, you never forget it. Of course, you can try to teach yourself how to kayak; but this is the most laborious variant. The best way to learn kayaking is in a club. Many clubs offer kayak courses for beginners, which can also be attended by non-members.

Is kayaking suitable for everyone?

Yes, kayaking can be done at any age. To learn to paddle independently, children should be 8 years old. Regardless of age, kayakers must be able to swim in order to reach the safe shore in the event of capsizing. It is also recommended that a regular medical examination is carried out to rule out unrecognized health risks. If you already suffer from chronic diseases, you should talk to your doctor beforehand to see if they have any objections to kayaking.

Kayaking in the club

Kayaking is the most fun in the club. These also offer many advantages: First of all, you can build on the experience of the other members. In the club you will learn kayaking under qualified guidance, you can also try different types of boats. DKV members can purchase the river guides at a reduced price; they are usually welcome at other clubs to rest for a short period of time on a kayak trip or to spend the night. More than 260 DKV kayak stations and almost 800 boathouses invite you to do so. And what is important: for club trips you are subject to extensive insurance coverage. And if there is no suitable kayak club in your area, you can take advantage of all the benefits of DKV membership as an individual member.


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Beginner courses

Entry into kayaking is possible at any age. Children, adults, seniors or families can learn the exciting sport. The most important prerequisite for everyone: safe swimming.

As a beginner you should be aware that you can sometimes get wet or even land in the water. Therefore, the new kayakers should not be afraid of water. To calm down, however, it can still be said: With a little practice, safety in the boat also increases significantly. Nevertheless, the first paddle strokes should be made on a calm body of water and without ship traffic.

Paddling straight ahead is a first challenge. Because it is not as easy as it looks from the shore, it is not on the water. To make it as easy as possible to get started, it is best to contact one of our numerous kayak clubs in the German Kayak Association (DKV). Here you will find sports support and information about suitable attractive paddling routes and driving restrictions.

If you want to try kayaking, you can attend beginner courses at many kayak clubs. The necessary kayaking equipment is provided and experienced instructors or club members lead the course. In our club database all clubs in Germany (also filtered by postcode areas) are easy to find. In addition, there is also information about the kayaking orientation of the club.