Digitalization and How It Changes Football

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Digitalization does not stop at the world’s most popular sport, football. Technology is already helping to make the right decisions on the pitch and has an impact on communication with fans, just the way hesgoal does. Hesgoal is a football live streaming news site that features the latest news and information in various sports, particularly football.

We spoke to digitalization expert Jan C. Rode and asked him about the future of sports in the digital age.

How much digitalization can football tolerate on the pitch? Even the introduction of modern goal-line technology has caused broad discussions and some resistance.

Football and other sports are sometimes quite resistant to advice when it comes to digital possibilities. When it comes to technology-based rule changes, this is usually done for marketing reasons. Another goal is to increase visibility on TV. Since everything in football is always a little more emotional, the goal-line technique was also discussed accordingly. In a few months, however, this will be the norm and maybe there will soon be referees who, as in hockey or American football, will verify the decisions on the field on the screen again. The downside, however, is that professional sport will move further and further away from its amateur base.

What digital innovations on the pitch could you imagine? Is the usefulness for players and coaches more in the foreground or the experience for the consumer?

Clubs and athletes are already using sensors in training to log their performance and improve it accordingly. Data collected during the game can also provide completely new perspectives for TV viewers.

In the USA, for example, visitors have the opportunity to order food and drinks on the pitch via app or to follow the most important game scenes. However, I do not believe that we will see such offers outside the VIP area, because football culture plays a different role in this country. For most spectators, the most important thing is still to be able to access the Internet in a stable way during the half-time break when they are waiting in the bratwurst queue.

The downside, however, is that professional sport will move further and further away from its amateur base.

The idea of watching games and being able to retrieve information about players or statistics in real-time fascinates not only the viewer. What role could augmented reality play in-game analysis?

For game analysis, cameras are already sufficient to study the routes and pass routes. Augmented reality will only be interesting for the fan if, for example, leagues such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB market their content directly and use the new technology to bring the living room into the stadium. But as long as the television stations in Germany and Europe hold the rights, the development will be much slower. Sky expects its viewers, for example, at the top game of the week per half-time only a few augmented graphics with live data. In the so-called player tracking, running paths are then measured and analyzed, and also speed, mileage, ball contacts, or diamond formations of the players are graphically displayed.

Do you think it is conceivable that we will be able to watch football matches virtually, live, and in every stadium in the world in the future? Are there already considerations or plans in this direction?

Virtual reality is certainly one of the most discussed topics within sports marketing and is already being used by quarterbacks to prepare for the game. Should the breakthrough really succeed in 2016, the Champions League final could be experienced live in the fan curve anywhere in the world. Cinemas have already gained some experience with the transmission of live events.

Augmented reality becomes interesting when leagues use the new technology to bring the living room into the stadium.


Every player today seems to have a Twitter and Instagram account. What role do digital means of communication play in football? Has digitalization finally led to the fact that everything and everyone in football is a brand?

Yes, at the end of the day, that’s the result. Ronaldo, Neymar, and Messi not only have the most fans on social media, but also the highest salaries and best-paid advertising contracts. In addition, they regularly share the top places in honors and awards. Here, however, the development in football is no different than in the other parts of society: What cannot be found online no longer seems to exist in reality.

Do you think communication via digital media has made football and football clubs even more popular?

That’s right because media diversity has grown strongly with online media. In addition, the athletes have now found a way to communicate directly with their fans. From these appetizers, messages are then built and declared as news. In my opinion, many rapporteurs regularly overshoot the mark here. Football fans know that with three defeats at the beginning of the season, the mood is bad, but relegation is far from sealed.

Despite digital media such as live tickers, the stadiums are full and the ratings are high. Could digital media still completely replace the traditional live experience at some point?

Due to the scandals at the IOC, FIFA, and also DFB, the sport as a whole could continue to come under social and media pressure, so that the attendance records of yesteryear will no longer be reached. Even certain boredom in the league could reduce the desire to visit the stadium, after all, the same clubs always play for championship and relegation. Therefore, it is important for those responsible to market their content digitally better and to expand the whole thing further.

Importance of Media In Different Aspects of Life

The media is an element of our lives and has an infinite influence on our society. The importance of media is growing each day because of the nice connectivity that exists around the globe. For this reason, it’s necessary that everyone amongst us becomes conscious of the ability of the media. This permits us to be critical of all the knowledge we receive daily. It’s necessary to require into consideration that the media not only communicate but also offer their own perspective on every event that takes place. Our duty is to research the data we receive and draw our own conclusions.

The Importance of Media in Our Life

1. Being attentive to the truth
Different media inform us about what’s happening within the country and within the world. This information helps us to be in contact with reality and to know what’s happening around us and, of course, to know what’s happening to others.

By analyzing the data we receive, we create our own opinions about different topics and ideas. That mental exercise strengthens our personality since we adhere to some opinions and that we move far from others. The important thing is that our opinions and perspectives develop peacefully, respecting those that think differently from us.

2. Building a replacement Reality
The media creates its content consistent with what they themselves want to speak or supported what the general public wants to determine. The continuity of certain media content, for example, a TV show, depends on the success that reaches it. meaning that if a singing talent show succeeds and generates plenty of cash, several similar TV shows are visiting appear. Therefore many folks will want to participate in these programs, becoming a plan for those that want to be famous. In this way a replacement reality has been created: the trail to immediate fame is to participate in an exceeding television talent show.

The Importance of Media in Our Society

1. They Determine Our Place within the World
The media greatly influences society. They inform people about what’s happening. The media plays an awfully important role in exposing various social problems, because of which different solutions will be deduced, additionally to responding to those that don’t fulfill their tasks. In this way, authorities in numerous areas of the presidency are evaluated consistently for their work.

2. Promote Massive Changes
Undoubtedly the media accompany the masses during each of the changes that occur. On every of the foremost important changes that have taken place within the media is the popularization of the utilization of social networks. A study conducted unitedly with the agency We Are Social and also the agency Hootsuite found that within the world there are 3800 million users of social networks. This figure was updated in January 2020.


Social Selling What Is It?

Digital advertisement


“Social selling” – a term that is on everyone’s lips at the moment.

You’ve never heard of it yourself? I can’t believe that: After all, it is you as a salesperson who should feel the changes that go hand in hand with this term…

But first very slowly from the beginning: What is that anyway?


When you translate the English buzzword, we speak of “social sales(s)”.

“Social selling? What’s so new about it?” you might be thinking now. It is not without reason that you are perhaps a little skeptical about this term – because the heart of every sale is precisely its social component. And social selling has made products trend as the hanging egg chair has become a hot selling product.

Every day, this is proven by very mundane situations in our everyday lives:

Only recently I complained that my hair becomes brittle very quickly every year in summer due to the sun and outdoor pool. In the process, my best friend, whom I have always admired for her full, shiny mane, recommended the hair treatment of a certain brand (“The price is worth it!”).

I was already 90% sure that I would decide to buy this particular product. The reason for this is simple: I just know that my girlfriend does not want to “sell me something”, but rather I trust in her honest friendly recommendation.

However, since I can not let 30, – Euro for a hair treatment wander over the counter every day, I can also tell you with 100 percent certainty that I will inform myself in advance again more precisely about the product.

And not only when sniffing the bottle in the drugstore – but above all on the Internet.

Where is the best place to find additional information about my girlfriend’s recommendation?

I can think of several ways to do this: via the Facebook page of the cosmetics company, via the hashtag search on Instagram to find out the opinions of other consumers and beauty bloggers, etc.


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Whether you identify with my “hair problem” or not – I want to make it clear with my example:

We all no longer only use social relationships offline for our purchasing decisions – but now also (to an increasing extent) online!

The extent to which social networks are integrated into our living environment is made clear by the following figures from a survey conducted by Tomorrow Focus Media in February this year:

A full 51.1% of Germans can be found several times a day on digital social network sites and another 23.1% once a day.

What does this mean for you as a salesperson? Your future customers are also very likely to stay on the net every day and participate more or less active in social network events. They will express needs, desires, and fears – be it directly or indirectly.

An incredible opportunity for you: Without much effort, you are closer to your potential customer than was ever possible through classic sales!


And here the circle closes: “Social selling” simply means that companies use social networks for the customer relationship or their initiation.

The integration of social networks into everyday working life is so promising because you as a salesperson can and may behave like your best friend: First and foremost, not to want to sell me anything, but rather to support me as an advisory expert in case of problems.

This latter aspect is also the crux of the matter: this term is often confused with the face-to-face sales pitch on an online level.

However, this is not at all the case: Social selling is not about direct sales, but about the “preparatory work”, so to speak, which consists of honest interest in your potential customer.

You don’t want to have a one-to-many conversation like in “social marketing” and just sell your product.

No, because firstly you are responsible for sales and not marketing and secondly you want to meet potential customers personally “on you and you”.

It is therefore a matter of finding potential customers by participating and following up on events on the social web. To address them in a further step in a pleasant, i.e. unobtrusive way, and to create an intensive, honest customer relationship.


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Many use TikTok  views to earn a passive income. On the other hand, others are fortunate enough to have become famous on TikTok where they amass thousands to millions of views making it a primary income source. Initially, TikTok does not pay video creators anything. While many found fame on the platform, they make use of this fame to earn an income from other sources, such as brand promotions and deals. Today, TikTok pays a certain amount of money every month to video creators for the views they get on their content through the “Creator Fund”. But, not all TikTok creators get paid for the number of views they amass on their video content. To qualify and be accepted in the “Creator Fund”, one has to pass a set of criteria. Below are the conditions for eligibility:

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For every 1,000 video views, TikTok pays between 2 cents to 4 cents. TikTokers who qualify in the Creator Fund receive varying payouts as there are factors to consider which TikTok doesn’t publicly disclosed. Hence, qualified creators receive varying payout amounts even if they have the same quantity of views.