What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock most of the past decade, you almost certainly know a thing or two or ten (we’re watching you, Millennials) about social media. you’ll be able to post pics with the most effective of them and upload six-second videos sort of a champ.

You’re totally ready for that social media manager job you would like, right? Slow your roll, Flash. We talked to some pros and located out everything you wish to grasp. Here’s the lowdown:

What exactly does a social media manager do?
Social media managers are accountable for curating a brand’s social channels, she explains. Additionally to working with the planning team to form illustrations and memes for his or her accounts, Samin tracks what proportion of traffic is driven to Romper via social media and notes what content is performing best so she and therefore the editorial team can use those analytics to grow the site’s audience.

What skills does one need?
Social media literacy could be a no-brainer. You furthermore may have to understand how each platform differs so you’ll maximize all, says Vince Buscemi, director of digital communications and social media at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. You must even be able to recognize and understand your audience on each account, he adds.

Top-notch communication and writing skills are important too, as maybe a judgment of humor. Just remember to stay your brand and audience in mind when crafting your message. Because you’ll get audience feedback that runs the gamut from praise to criticism, including blasts from trolls, it’s also vital to own a cutis. the power to prioritize which comments need replies and when is another must.

Sounds great. Who would be my boss?
If you’re employed for an oversized corporation, you would possibly report back to the top of communications or marketing. If you’re employed for a tiny low entity or startup, you would possibly report on to the CEO.

Are there other titles with similar responsibilities?
Social media specialists, community managers, and electronic communication specialists have responsibilities like social media managers. Digital communications director Buscemi, for instance, oversees McDaniel’s website likewise because of the school’s official Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. He also monitors social media streams created by various departments and campus offices to confirm the school’s best interests are maintained.